Tax and Consultancy


  • Corporate Tax Certification Services
  • Value Added Tax Refund Services
  • Company Merger, Acquisition and Demerger Services
  • Transfer Pricing Services
  • International Tax Advisory Services

With its distinguished expert staff, Artı Değer Uluslararası Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş., serves you in the areas of tax that require expertise. In addition, we are at your side with our services in the field of domestic and international financial consultancy. With its knowledge and experience, Artı Değer Uluslararası Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş., determines your tax risks with its professional team in your tax planning. Shipping freight transportation, export, import, R&D, personal income tax applications are our other areas of expertise.



  • Accounting Support
  • Payroll Support Services
  • Management Reporting
  • Tax Return Services



Artı Değer Uluslararası Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş. helps you with management support services in the fields of Turkish Commercial Code, accounting, payrolling, financial reporting, tax responsibilities that require expertise.



Consultancy services; It covers the subject areas of tax, social security, business, Commercial Law and Accounting Laws. If the company fulfills the rules in accordance with the financial regulations while carrying out its activities related to its daily business, they do not encounter a problem or when they encounter a problem, they can get a suitable protection and sometimes it is necessary to get advice on financial problems in order to take advantage of the opportunities.

It is possible to obtain consultancy services for a specific issue on an annual or one-off basis.



Tax is an expense for businesses. When you do not plan, you will not be aware of how much tax you will pay. But with right planning, you can plan how much tax you will pay. Moreover, with the right planning, you can reduce your tax expense just like other expenses, without taking an illegal path.

By examining your activity, income and expenditure structure, the situation of your business against tax is determined by our company and the tax advantages you can benefit from and the measures to be taken to bear the least tax expense are determined.

In this way, you can save on tax expense and the timing of the payment is determined from the beginning of the year.

ARTI DEĞER Uluslararası Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş.

Artı Değer is also a member of Task International, an affiliate of IFAC (International Federation of Accounts).