Artı Değer International Independent Audit and YMM A.Ş. As a Task International Corporate Finance team, we offer our clients a wide range of financial consultancy services that include mergers and acquisitions, financing and valuation.

In line with our customers’ needs, we offer them customized and value-added services in well-designed and efficiently managed sales / purchasing processes.


Investors who want to become partners or want to buy a company should know all the details and risks about the company before investing.

Due diligence is the service that analyzes all parts of the company. It is also a study to present forward-looking reporting before investing in the company.

As a result of this study, the existence of all accounting items, assets and liabilities, was examined.

In addition, all assets and liabilities, salable bonds, lease, debt, lease and other contracts, capital structure, brand value, person structure, personal contracts, commercial relationships between suppliers or customers or individuals and commercial contracts provided to these relationships were evaluated.

As a result of the study, problems are identified in reports and presented to investors. Investors have the opportunity to evaluate risks or future information about investment profitability.



integration with international markets in Turkey and is progressing rapidly increasing interest to foreign investors. In this context, it is important to correctly determine the value of the company. Companies are not only evaluated by the values ​​of assets, but also by market sharing activities, production volumes, cash generation capabilities and future earnings.

If you think that your company will be an investor in the future, you have to declare your company value right now to make the right deals. On the one hand, this study allows you to determine the value of your company, and on the other hand, it will enable you to gain insight into future values ​​for the development policy that needs to be followed.



With the new Turkish Commercial Code, we need to make a series of changes in many subjects from companies’ main contracts, document layout, independent audit obligation to building a website.

Our company provides consultancy and implementation services in legal and financial matters for the realization of these changes.



Legal structuring, which is becoming an increasingly important issue with the new Turkish Commercial Code, requires companies’ boards of directors to transfer authority and responsibility to company professionals.
With this important step you will take within the framework of institutionalization, your company;
Preparation of your organizational directive starting from management to all sub-levels,
Sharing of powers and responsibilities,
It is aimed to structure the employee-employer relations in terms of labor legislation.



In today’s circumstances, it is vital for companies to plan their future activities to eliminate uncertainties in the coming years.

With this important step you will take within the framework of institutionalization, your company;

In this context, budget is an important tool for businesses to plan their future. Budget; a plan plays the role of a roadmap to fulfill the objectives, strategies and assumptions of organizations in the upcoming activity period and to determine a number of reports in upcoming activities and with numerical results.

There are many benefits in making budgets. Some of them are listed below:

It is useful to share the budget target with department responsibilities, reach the goal and become a motivation channel.

To provide forward-looking measures by determining the deviations between the real situation and the target state and understanding the results.

Budgeting provides to know the amount of expenditure based on the target turnover.

It enables companies to use their own resources in an efficient way.

Preventing non-returnable inventory expenses by ensuring profitability and planning inventory.

It allows to provide cash flows in advance and allow them to take their activities.

Helping healthy and correct decision making for management.

It provides continuous income and expense control.



Our company provides professional guidance in budgeting (especially if businesses are going to budget for the first time). Budgeting your business and contributing to sustainable budgeting culture.

In this context;

Training on budgeting,

To prepare a special functional budget format for your business,

By creating a budget committee in your company, providing support / consultancy in preparing a budget,

Examine the revised budgets by comparing forecasts and facts.



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